Darc: Sweet Shapes



"A collaborative design process has resulted in a glamorous chandelier centrepiece for the new Regent Street home of Californian fashion brand Juicy Couture". Read the full Darc magazine article here: When US fashion retailer Juicy Couture decided to launch a new store on London’s Regent Street, their brief to architect and interior design practice MRA was clear. They wanted a boutique that reflected the playful aesthetic of their LA roots, whilst still maintaining a more glamorous edge. Central to the completed scheme was a custom-made chandelier that would preside over the main retail space. MRA Director Stephanie Srivastava headed up the design team at MRA. “The chandelier was always going to be an important part of the store – it occupies such a focal position - and it was clear to us that this had to reflect what we were trying to achieve with the rest of the design,” she explains. “The central component of the chandelier is quite classic in design, but its sheer scale
and abundance of crystals lends it a whimsical style.” Paul Nulty Lighting Design (PNLD) was brought in by MRA very early in the project, allowing a close collaborative design process to develop, one that ensured all elements of the lighting scheme would complement and enhance the project’s aesthetic goals. “We had certain problems with the space due to its height and the difficulty of using recessed spots within the original concrete ceiling,” Srivastava continues. “The fitting therefore had to work really hard and to achieve this it is actually formed of two components. The central ‘candelabra’ adds visual interest and sparkle, whilst the handmade oval ring - which, with its embellishments, was envisaged as a contemporary take on the ceiling rose - incorporates adjustable spotlights and up-lighting from a concealed cold cathode tube to give ambient light and accentuate the double height space.” MRA worked with the creative team from Juicy Couture to establish the look and feel for the chandelier, and then turned to award-winning shop-fit production experts Prop Studios to deliver the finished piece. With over 30 years of experience and a team skilled in working across a variety of materials, Prop Studios were able to meet the project’s tight deadlines and provide the store with its crowning centrepiece.