Rives Gauche at MRA

Le bon dieu est dans le detail

Gustave Flaubert

RIVES GAUCHE at MRA is a new collaboration between Nicolas Roux and Anshu Srivastava, building upon the strengths of their respective companies.

  • Fashion Retail Design
  • Project Management
  • Specialist Construction

Anshu & Nicolas designed and built their first retail project together in Paris in 2005. After successfully delivering many luxury interior projects across the globe for a host of international clients, these friends and colleagues are working together again with a special offer to our French clients in London and Paris. test

Personal Touch

The principals of the company, Nicolas and Anshu will work directly on your project.

Great Communication

We understand your need for quick and clear communication at all times… not voicemail!

Risk Management

Built upon 35 years of experience problem solving with luxury interior projects, we know how to anticipate and avoid risks, to save you time and money.

Drawings & Documents

We pride ourselves on the detail and quality of our drawings and documents… we’d love to show you what we can do.

Complete & Flexible Service

We can tailor our expert service to match your exact requirements and we can do this in English or French, whichever you prefer.

Hermès GB has worked with MRA since 2001

As our executive architects they work closely with our concept architect RDAI. Their management of the construction contract is effective and they supervise the onsite works very closely to ensure our time and quality expectations are met. I would especially mention their management of the budget which is always meticulous and their excellent communication, as we are kept informed of coordination matters and progress at all times.

Thierry Michel

Distribution Project Director

Hermès International

Marc Jacobs has worked with MRA since 2006

We are pleased to confirm that MRA has given us an excellent service throughout as our executive architects. The level of commitment we receive means that most problems are pre-empted and so the projects run pretty smoothly for us. When difficulties do arise, MRA respond quickly and we are confident that they will remain focused until the issue is resolved.

Rodrigo Bazan

Vice President Europe (Previous)

Marc Jacobs International